Dear Save Vetch’s Supporter –


Save Vetch’s Appeal 2012

Actions to date

We have managed to mount legal challenges to the Environmental Record of Decision as well as the applicant’s high water mark. We have high hopes that either of these challenges will result in overturning the current development approvals.

What is required

We believe that the applicant will attempt to commence construction on the basement parking structure early in 2012. This in effect will remove the beach. In addition to the moral issue of destroying public access to the sea shore it will largely negate the pending legal challenges as it will be very difficult to return the beach once the developer has destroyed it.

We also believe that it indicates the developer’s intention of constructing the development without the protection of the small craft harbor, highlighting the nature of those pushing the development.

We understand that plans for this development have been submitted to the Municipality for approval. We have requested copies of these but this has been refused. We therefore intend to utilize the Access to Information Act to force disclosure.

The campaign is reaching a critical stage as there are likely to be several legal initiatives that we need to follow through in 2012. These include:

·         Initiating an Access to Information action in order that we can have access to the developer’s current plans.

·         Interdicting the developer should it be necessary to stop him from destroying the beach or access to the beach prior to the actions.

·         Providing legal correspondence and representation for the upcoming cases.


To date the Save Vetch’s Association has spent in excess of R1 million in mounting the legal challenge. Unfortunately justice is not cheap and we estimate that another R2 million may be required to finalise the necessary legal actions.

The funds so far have been donated by supporters who value the beach and disagree with the methods used to take it away from the public.

Necessary Support

The Save Vetch’s Committee is dedicated to seeing this through; however, we need your ongoing support to be able to do this. We know that times are tight but if you can spare a small donation on a monthly basis this could soon help to build the necessary capital to ensure success.

You should be assured that monies not spent on the campaign or recovered as part of the legal process will be spent on water sports facilities at Vetch’s. All persons in our donor data base will be given balance sheets at regular intervals indicating expenditure versus income.

If you can afford to assist please complete the Pledge Form.

Your ongoing support is valued.


Wishing you a successful 2012.



The Save Vetch’s Association