Vetch's Beach - 29 January 2012

"So what did you do on Sunday?"  

"Spent the day at Vetch's, it was lekker".  

Count the doing words and you will realise:  

A day spent at Vetch's is a day lived to the max.


10:41 am  Sail, anchor, walk, sniff, launch, swim, hold hands, trot, hands up if you spot a good-looking bikini!

 10:44 am  Try to put the sky into words - fail.  Stretch, tan, read, dig, scratch.

 12:52 pm  Park, walk, talk, bend, dry, wade, wander.

 3:58 pm  Connect, discuss, smile, colour-code accessories and mates.

 3:58 pm  Look out for, look after, look into, look sharp.

3:59 pm  Park, join, paste, chill on the verandah.

4:54 pm   Fish, go for a wave, wait for the wave, go with the wave, wave.  

 4:56 pm  Bump into, bait, build.

5:14 pm  Balance, braai, hang with the bro's.

5:15 pm  Get lost, if you're a sandal.  Or in thought.

5:15 pm  Gather, share, reap the sky, the water, the sunshine.

5:31 pm  Relax

5:45 pm  Make a difference and memories

 5:46 pm  Anticipate ...

 6:19 pm   ... be awed!

 6:19 pm

 6:21 pm

 6:23 pm

 6:25 pm  Stand on your beach with your family, friends, team-mates and have the time of your life