Don't step off the land

Nature’s message: watch where you build
Sunday Tribune - 29 January 2012 


There was much discussion recently about proposals for the development of Vetch’s beach, south of Addington, before the harbour mouth.


Part of the proposals is for increased development of the landward portion of the Point.


As a councilor, I am mindful of the economic positives of development at the Point, and fully support all those efforts – on land.


However, I am really concerned about any developments in the sea (below the high water mark).


In the past few years, the eThekwini coast has suffered from the normal maritime erosion of beaches.


Our new Speaker of the Council, Logie Naidoo, can attest to this.  His proposal, when he was the leader of the North Local Council, of spending R7.5 million at the La Mercy Beach facility has all but disappeared.  We also lost a magnificent beachfront dune in the process.


Nature’s message is clear: be very careful about building at the coast – and don’t step off the land.


Geoff Pull

DA environment committee