Draft Estuary Management Plan for the Bay of Natal - Invitation to Public Meeting

The Draft Estuary Management Plan for the Bay of Natal (Durban Bay) as well as the Final Situation Analysis Report are now available for public review and comment.

Comment Period: 12 March 2012 to 13 April 2012.

The reports can be accessed at:

•                 Durban Central Public Library;
•                 Pinetown Public Library;
•                 Bluff Public Library; and
•                 Project website http://www.erm.com/bayofdurban.


Members of the public are invited to a presentation
of the Draft Estuary Management Plan

When: 19 March 2012
Where: Royal Natal Yacht Club
Time: 17:30 to 19:00

Comments and enquiries can be directed to Mischa Minne/Janet Mkhabela of ERM: (tel) 021 702 9100; (fax) 021 701 7900 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Postal Address: Postnet Suite 90, Private Bag x 12, Tokai, 7966.

Comment by SVA Environmental Consultant:

The Estuary Management Plan will impact on the way that the Bay is used and hopefully will improve environmental quality. It should therefore be supported by all yachties who use the area. However, it seems that the plan has been put together with no input from the clubs or marina!

It is also worrying to see that it is suggested that with the new development at Vetch’s there should be more space for shopping centres / waterfront use in town.

They don’t seem to have been told that Vetch’s is not suitable for mooring yachts!

Make use of the public meeting to learn more and to ask any questions that may be on your mind.